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NorthStar Law Group, P.S. provides clients throughout Washington and the Pacific Northwest with concrete solutions for their serious tax liabilities. If you’re facing an IRS or Washington Department of Revenue audit or those agencies are taking aggressive collection measures against you, we have the qualifications and experience to fight for a positive outcome. Clients come to us because they value our insights, perceptiveness, and fast understanding of their situations. We are confident that you will, too.

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What Makes Us Different?

We are an experienced Tax Controversy & Business Law Firm. At NorthStar Law Group, P.S., we dedicate our practice to Washington state and federal tax law controversies. Our attorneys have a combined experience of over 20 years helping clients resolve major tax controversies with the IRS. Our integrity and commitment to finding the right solution for each unique case has earned our firm recognition from both tax officials and satisfied clients.

Our Tax Law Practice Areas

In today’s climate of higher tax accountability, individuals, businesses, and organizations alike are facing greater scrutiny from the government and subject to civil and criminal penalties that are not often justified. At NorthStar Law Group, P.S., we have the legal knowledge, negotiating skills, and experience required to protect your rights and your future.

Tax Disputes:

Just because an IRS or Washington Department of Revenue auditor says you owe additional tax, doesn’t mean they are correct. If you dispute the amount of your Washington or federal tax liability, we will recommend appropriate relief options that may include tax settlements, reduction of penalties, and tax appeal when necessary.

Liability for Uncollected Taxes:

If you are a business owner or corporate officer who has received notice that your personal and business returns are under review for unreported income or failure to pay sales taxes, talk to us about how to best respond to the notice.

Business & Payroll Taxes:

If you are a business owner or executive and have been contacted regarding taxes or your payroll trust fund taxes, call NorthStar Law Group, P.S. We also support clients during corporate and partnership tax audits, trust fund recovery penalty assessments and independent contractor tax issues.


Self-employed professionals and independent contractors are routinely scrutinized by the IRS and the Washington Department of Revenue. If you are facing an audit or have already received a notice of additional taxes due, call us for advice and representation.

Outstanding Balance Resolution:

If you have a sizable outstanding tax liability, we help you identify and pursue workable solutions such as tax installment agreements, offers in compromise, obtaining “uncollectible” status, or obtaining “innocent spouse relief” if your spouse was responsible for underpaying taxes. See our balance resolution results here

At NorthStar Law Group, P.S., we understand how tax officials interpret and apply the law regarding income, deductions, and credits. We know that they sometimes overstep federal and state tax law, possibly leaving their disputed decisions open to appeal or litigation. We determine the relevant facts, consider all available options within the relevant law, and advise our clients regarding the best options for them to protect their interests.

One question we do get asked a lot is whether a tax attorney does the same thing as a certified public accountant (CPA)

The answer is that, NO, we are not the same. Although both tax attorneys and CPAs deal with various aspects of taxation, our roles and skill sets are vastly different.

A CPA (certified public accountant) provides general accounting services and can prepare personal and business tax returns that accurately detail your financial circumstances.

Tax attorneys go a step further by analyzing the administrative rules and laws that enforce the tax codes. We also understand how the IRS and Washington Department of Revenue interpret these laws and so have the skills and training to protect client rights in adversarial proceedings, including negotiations with the IRS and DOR.

Tax Attorneys (unless they are also CPAs), including our firm, do NOT prepare tax returns!

As a renowned Puget Sound tax law firm, we often get questions about matters that aren’t included in our areas of practice, namely:

  • Tax return preparation and filing. Please contact a qualified CPA in your area. Again, we do not prepare tax returns.
  • Refund status or other processing issues. The IRS is being slow in issuing your tax refund or some other issue has come up with their processing of your tax return. We suggest that you contact the IRS Taxpayer Advocate’s Office and the similar office with the Washington Department of Revenue.

However, the most important advice we can give right now is . . . .

“Do Not Delay Responding to a Tax Notice”

Avoiding it does not make it going away . . . it may only make it more difficult to work with the IRS or DOR in finding a reasonable compromise or other solution to your tax matter. If you receive that “Love Letter” from the IRS or DOR saying that you owe taxes and / or penalties, please contact us at NorthStar Law Group, P.S. immediately to go over your options.

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