International Taxation

U.S. companies doing business in foreign jurisdictions and overseas companies expanding their operations within the U.S., International Taxencounter not only legal challenges but tax complexities as well. The attorneys at NorthStar Law Group, P.S. counsel a wide-range of multinational businesses and individual investors on their corporate and tax related issues that emerge when engaging in cross-border transactions.

Inbound and Outbound Taxation

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 not only changed the domestic tax landscape but substantially altered how the United States taxes inbound and outbound transactions. With this new international tax regime comes significant opportunities for U.S. businesses to invest and grow their overseas operations while reducing their overall tax exposure. And, the TCJA provides greater certainty for foreign businesses desiring to expand their U.S. presence by encouraging the establishment of U.S. domestic subsidiaries. Our experience in international taxation in a variety of industries allows us to guide our foreign and domestic clients through these new complex rules and design creative plans to allow them to meet their goals.

Tax Planning for International Investors

With the emergence of new methods of transferring money overseas, investors are looking for opportunities not only in their own backyards but across international borders. The attorneys at NorthStar Law Group, P.S. have advised numerous clients on the tax implications of investing overseas, including joint ventures in real estate in Australia and Asia and solar projects in South America, as well as inbound investment in U.S. real estate and start-up businesses, and created sophisticated yet workable tax planning strategies to ensure their investments are tax-advantaged.