northstar chris

Principal & CEO

Christopher Brown has advised hundreds of clients on setting up their businesses, growing their enterprises and ultimately retiring from their companies by selling them or passing them to their children.

northstar ruth qi

Of Counsel

Ruth Qi has been a business consultant (in China and the U.S.) for the past 15 years and an attorney for nearly a decade. 

Alex Chu

Paralegal / Office Manager

Alexandra “Alex” Chu serves as the Paralegal and Office Manager for NorthStar Law Group, P.S. With over 4 years of experience in the hospitality industry, she brings top-notch client relationship service to our clients.

Olivia Chu Featured Image

Paralegal / Legal Assistant

Olivia Chu serves as the Paralegal and Legal Assistant for NorthStar Law Group, P.S. Her degree in Political Science, minor in Law, Justice, and Societies, and 7 years of working abroad experience helps her understands what clients want and draft documents on behalf of NorthStar Law Group, P.S. that protect the assets and interests of clients.